Reinforcing Producer

Attributes You are a likeable leader who makes sure everyone feels comfortable in their workplace. You put your energy into solving tasks and managing your employees. Side Effects Your team is very important to you. However, you also have to keep an eye on other tasks as a leader. Don’t lose track of your opportunities. … Continued

Enabling Director

Attributes You are the face of the business and you are self-confident. As the founder holding this status is important to you. You pass on your values to your employees. You invest energy in your own personal development. Side Effects Do not lose sight of your own employees. Even in your role as leader, do not … Continued

Activating Designer

Attributes You have a clear vision of your goals and direct all your energy towards reaching them. You are continuously developing new ideas. You can delegate tasks to your team and communicate your goals when necessary. Side Effects You always have plenty of ideas, but you should also think each one through carefully. Otherwise you … Continued

Encouraging Campaigner

Attributes You actively seek dialogue with your employees to convince them of your ideas and plans. You direct your energy towards your own goals. Side Effects You can not always persuade and get everyone on board. Focus your energy on the people who can help you achieve your goals. Potential With a strong self-awareness and … Continued

Moving Inventor

Attributes You have your goal clearly in mind and focus all your energy on your vision and intention. In order to reach the goal faster, you distribute tasks within the team. Side Effects Don’t burden your employees with too many tasks. In order to reach the goal as quickly as possible, a positive and energetic … Continued

Exciting Visionary

Attributes You see the world as a competition in which the best idea wins. You are full of drive to find solutions. You rely on expert opinions to implement your ideas. Side Effects Don’t get lost in your creativity. Sometimes simplicity is the best solution. Potential Creativity is an important attribute for leaders; you bring … Continued

Inspiring Explorer

Attributes Your team is important to you and you are convinced the best results are produced together. You support the further development of each individual team member and involve them in your goals. Thanks to your persuasiveness everyone enjoys working together productively. Side Effects Don’t forget to weigh risks thoroughly before going full speed ahead. … Continued

Enriching Supporter

Attributes Your employees and a strong community are important to you. You integrate your employees in the decision-making and brain-storming process. In doing so, you focus your energy on the development of your employees and the joint achievement of goals. Side Effects You may pay too much attention to the opinions of others when making … Continued

Innovating Companion

Attributes You create opportunities for success and consider your employees to be a crucial part of achieving goals. The well-being of your employees is a high priority for you. You recognise potentials within the team and use your existing skills effectively. Side Effects You risk losing sight of your own goals while trying to please … Continued

Moderating Protector

Attributes You listen to your employees and use your energy to support and encourage them. Together you create a vision for the future and strive for success. Your impartiality and objectivity have a positive effect on your business relationships. Side Effects Do not forget to contribute to situations in a communicative way. You are especially … Continued