Enabling Director

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Enabling Director

decisive, assertive, strong-willed

Your superpower:


You're in the driver's seat.

Dynamics of the Leadership Task:

Autonomy Orientation and Identity
Developing and maintaining a clear identity of who you are is a central struggle for every leader. The degree of achievement will define your level autonomy, influence which roles you choose and shape your relationship with others.

Control Orientation and Intention
Leaders are geared to create impact, but vary on the extent they are guided by an inner calling. The orientation to control indicates how, as a leader, you hold yourself personally responsible to define strategies and drive implementation.

People Orientation and Inclusion
Leaders with a distinct people orientation will recognise that attaining desired outcomes is also the result of collaboration and inclusion. A high orientation will emphasise being part of a community and relying on others to cope with complexity.

About the Enabling Director


You are the face of the business and you are self-confident. As the founder holding this status is important to you. You pass on your values to your employees. You invest energy in your own personal development.

Side Effects

Do not lose sight of your own employees. Even in your role as leader, do not forget the importance of the human touch.


Your team can rely on you in difficult times. Your potential lies in the mix of sensitive leadership, clear announcements and a calm view on the facts.


Do you actually know your employees?

Invite several of your employees to an “out of work” activity. Just do not overdo it and immediately head to the obstacle course or engage in trust exercises. First things first, a relaxed meal out will do. 

Position yourself in the middle of senior team members and new trainees, make an effort to not be too intimidating. Get to know your team on a more human level. This strengthens the team spirit and prevents inside conflicts.

Orchestras do not have a sound of their own; that is made by the conductor.

Herbert von Karajan

Famous Enabling Director

Christine Lagarde


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