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Moving Inventor

energetic, innovative, evocative

Your superpower:


You stick to your ideas no matter how much opposition you face.

Dynamics of the Leadership Task:

Autonomy Orientation and Identity
Developing and maintaining a clear identity of who you are is a central struggle for every leader. The degree of achievement will define your level autonomy, influence which roles you choose and shape your relationship with others.

Control Orientation and Intention
Leaders are geared to create impact, but vary on the extent they are guided by an inner calling. The orientation to control indicates how, as a leader, you hold yourself personally responsible to define strategies and drive implementation.

People Orientation and Inclusion
Leaders with a distinct people orientation will recognise that attaining desired outcomes is also the result of collaboration and inclusion. A high orientation will emphasise being part of a community and relying on others to cope with complexity.

About the Moving Inventor


You have your goal clearly in mind and focus all your energy on your vision and intention. In order to reach the goal faster, you distribute tasks within the team.

Side Effects

Don’t burden your employees with too many tasks. In order to reach the goal as quickly as possible, a positive and energetic work atmosphere is vital.


You excel at managing work quickly and efficiently. Your drive ensures that there is no stagnation and that everything gets done. You guide your employees so that goals are achieved swiftly.



To stay up to date with your employees, you can get a hold of one of them each week and invite him or her to a private interview. You can make it more casual with a drink, or be straight forward about it and prepare a small list with points and notes.


If you want to work with questionnaires, you should make sure that they are all structured in the same way and ask the same questions. This way you ensure comparability. The focus of your interviews should be the well-being of your employees. You can also ask questions about how you could increase motivation. Everyone gets motivated differently. Maybe you have some people who want to work from home. Don’t be afraid to be innovative. If you cater to the individual needs of your employees, you will benefit from enormous motivational boosts.

The real secret of success is enthusiasm.

Walter Chrysler

Famous Moving Inventor

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