Moving Inventor

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Moving Inventor

energetic, innovative, evocative

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You stick to your ideas no matter how much opposition you face.

Leadership Type Dynamics

Autonomy (Identity or Self-Efficacy)

Competence (Control or Intention)

Relatedness (Integration or Inclusion)

About the Moving Inventor


You have your goal clearly in mind and focus all your energy on your vision and intention. In order to reach the goal faster, you distribute tasks within the team.

Side Effects

Don’t burden your employees with too many tasks. In order to reach the goal as quickly as possible, a positive and energetic work atmosphere is vital.


You excel at managing work quickly and efficiently. Your drive ensures that there is no stagnation and that everything gets done. You guide your employees so that goals are achieved swiftly.

The real secret of success is enthusiasm.

Walter Chrysler

Famous Moving Inventor

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