Encouraging Campaigner

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Encouraging Campaigner

inspiring, captivating, unbiased

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You awaken the full potential in others.

Leadership Type Dynamics

Autonomy (Identity or Self-Efficacy)

Competence (Control or Intention)

Relatedness (Integration or Inclusion)

About the Encouraging Campaigner


You actively seek dialogue with your employees to convince them of your ideas and plans. You direct your energy towards your own goals.

Side Effects

You can not always persuade and get everyone on board. Focus your energy on the people who can help you achieve your goals.


With a strong self-awareness and the power of persuasion, you can convince people of the merits of risky ideas. Thereby you create a bunch of contacts who will aid in putting your plans to action. These are great prospects for success.

Successful people ask better questions; as a result, they get better answers.

Anthony Robbins

Famous Encouraging Campaigner

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