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You don't know what lies ahead, but you keep on going forever.

Dynamics of the Leadership Task:

Autonomy Orientation and Identity
Developing and maintaining a clear identity of who you are is a central struggle for every leader. The degree of achievement will define your level autonomy, influence which roles you choose and shape your relationship with others.

Control Orientation and Intention
Leaders are geared to create impact, but vary on the extent they are guided by an inner calling. The orientation to control indicates how, as a leader, you hold yourself personally responsible to define strategies and drive implementation.

People Orientation and Inclusion
Leaders with a distinct people orientation will recognise that attaining desired outcomes is also the result of collaboration and inclusion. A high orientation will emphasise being part of a community and relying on others to cope with complexity.

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Your team is important to you and you are convinced the best results are produced together. You support the further development of each individual team member and involve them in your goals. Thanks to your persuasiveness everyone enjoys working together productively.

Side Effects

Don’t forget to weigh risks thoroughly before going full speed ahead. It can be worthwhile to pause and reflect for a moment. Growth becomes dangerous when it lacks stability.


You are a driving force and assert yourself in case of opposition. You are a mastermind and you do not surrender your ideas, even if they are dismissed by others. Sometimes it can take a while until success shows, but you never forget the potential of your ideas.


Before you move on to the next goal, ask two trusted associates to help you make a checklist. This list should have pros, cons, risks, and opportunities in it.

Risks and opportunities are specific items that are easily confused with the first two. A contra point is something that will definitely occur. A risk is a probability. Those two are often mixed up and thus cause us to not even tackle a goal. Just so, a pro point should only be what will indeed occur if the goal is achieved.

Are there more probabilities than pro points?

The subtle difference between these points can help to examine a goal for its actual effectiveness.

Create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion.

Jack Welch

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Sara Blakely

David Shankbone, CC BY 2.0

Richard Branson

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