Leadership Type Assessment

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In this leadership type assessment, you’ll encounter a series of carefully crafted statements, always presented in pairs with opposing qualities. Your task is simple: choose the point between these two statements that best aligns with your natural inclinations. No need to overanalyze; just trust your instincts.

  • Time invest max. 5 min.
  • 15 questions in total
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Which statement would you tend to agree with more?

Question 1 of 15

I am prepared for the leadership task.

I like solving complex problems.

Question 2 of 15

I identify with being in a leadership role.

I draw energy from my work as a leader.

Question 3 of 15

I strive to be a competent leader.

I enjoy facing new challenges.

Question 4 of 15

If I wouldn't already have leadership responsibility, I would strive for it.

I want to achieve my goals quickly.

Question 5 of 15

People management runs through my veins.

It feels better when I can define goals for myself.

Question 6 of 15

My leadership style pursues a clear vision.

I always try to encourage my team.

Question 7 of 15

Despite obstacles, I don't let go of my goals.

When I need help, I rely on my team.

Question 8 of 15

New goals motivate me as a leader.

It is important to me that we share one and the same vision on the team.

Question 9 of 15

I know what drives me.

It is important to me that everyone on the team sees the purpose in their work.

Question 10 of 15

I often think about my goals and how I can achieve them.

It is important for me to be a role model for the team.

Question 11 of 15

The well-being of my team stands above the company's goals.

My leadership has a positive impact on the company as a whole.

Question 12 of 15

I want to get the best out of my team.

I am convinced of myself as a leader.

Question 13 of 15

It's important to me that my team is happy with their work.

I take it well, when all attention is on me.

Question 14 of 15

I want to offer everyone on the team an opportunity to develop.

There are tasks that only I can solve.

Question 15 of 15

My team is indispensable for the achievement of my goals.

If a tasks is outside of my area of expertise, I work to acquaint myself with the subject.

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