In the following, two statements are always placed opposite each other. You choose the point between the two statements that most closely matches your position.

Answer the questions in relation to your specific leadership role. Decide on the answers that most closely match your behavior. Don’t overthink an answer and be true to your self.

Which statement would you tend to agree with?

Question 1 of 15

I am prepared for the leadership task.

I like solving complex problems.

Question 2 of 15

I identify with being in a leadership role.

I draw energy from my work as a leader.

Question 3 of 15

I strive to be a competent leader.

I enjoy facing new challenges.

Question 4 of 15

If I wouldn't already have leadership responsibility, I would strive for it.

I want to achieve my goals quickly.

Question 5 of 15

People management runs through my veins.

It feels better when I can define goals for myself.

Question 6 of 15

My leadership style pursues a clear vision.

I always try to encourage my team.

Question 7 of 15

Despite obstacles, I don't let go of my goals.

When I need help, I rely on my team.

Question 8 of 15

New goals motivate me as a leader.

It is important to me that we share one and the same vision on the team.

Question 9 of 15

I know what drives me.

It is important to me that everyone on the team sees the purpose in their work.

Question 10 of 15

I often think about my goals and how I can achieve them.

It is important for me to be a role model for the team.

Question 11 of 15

The well-being of my team stands above the company's goals.

My leadership has a positive impact on the company as a whole.

Question 12 of 15

I want to get the best out of my team.

My style of leadership is better than anyone else's.

Question 13 of 15

It's important to me that my team is happy with their work.

I enjoy being the centre of attention.

Question 14 of 15

I want to offer everyone on the team an opportunity to develop.

Others in the team can't do the job as well as I do.

Question 15 of 15

My team is indispensable for the achievement of my goals.

If a tasks is outside of my area of expertise, I work to acquaint myself with the subject.

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